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本文摘要:Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he misses his days as an engineer and coder.脸书创始人马克·扎克伯格回应,他很缅怀自己当工程师和程序员的日子。

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says he misses his days as an engineer and coder.脸书创始人马克·扎克伯格回应,他很缅怀自己当工程师和程序员的日子。While the 32-year-old billionaire tech CEO was visiting Nigeria last week, he spoke publicly about how he applied his engineering mindset to help build Facebook (FB, Tech30), a company thats now worth north of $360 billion.这位32岁的亿万富翁、科技公司的CEO在上周采访尼日利亚时谈及了自己是怎样利用工程师思维协助创建了今天身家早已多达3600亿美元的Facebook的。But he also admitted giving up coding to manage his company was a little sad.不过,他也否认,退出写出代码,合体公司的管理者,让他有“一点伤心”。There is an elegance to writing code that I miss, Zuckerberg said during a QA session with tech entrepreneurs and developers in Lagos, Nigeria. The code always does what you want -- and people dont.在尼日利亚大城拉各斯,扎克伯格在一群企业家和开发者展开的发问问环节时回应:“我知道缅怀写出代码的那种高雅。

你想要做到什么,代码都需要老大你做,而人就不一定了。”His comments were met with a laugh from the crowd. But he quickly pointed out that people can surprise you by going above and beyond expectations, too.他的这番话语引发了人群的笑。

不过扎克伯格旋即补足说,人也有人的益处,因为有时候,他们的展现出不会大大多达预期,带给惊艳。Zuckerberg explained to the crowd that his engineering background helped to grow the company because he often broke down big problems into small steps.扎克伯格向人们说明称之为,自己的工程师背景之所以需要协助他创业,是因为他常常将大问题拆卸分成一个个小步骤。This applied to everything from writing code and hiring people to managing teams.从写出代码或到雇用员工建构团队,以及其他所有事,都是这个道理。His visit included a trip to a Yaba, known as the Silicon Valley of Nigeria, where he toured a coding camp for kids and met with about 50 local startup founders and developers at CcHub, a local innovation center.他本次非洲之行还将到尼日利亚的硅谷——Yaba,在那儿他为儿童开设了一个代码挑战营,还不会与来自当地创意中心CCHUB的大约50家初创企业家会面。

Zuckerberg has been increasingly involved in African initiatives this year.扎克伯格与非洲的关系于是以显得更加紧密。In June, his foundation -- the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative -- made a multi-million dollar investment in Andela, a two-year-old startup that trains African software developers and gives them full-time roles at international companies.今年7月,他的基金会Chan Zuckerberg Initiative给一家取名为Andela、早已正式成立两年的初创公司投资几百万美元。

该公司的业务主要是培训非洲的软件开发者,然后协助他们在国际企业寻找全职工作。Zuckerberg has also put his weight behind a program called Free Basics, which provides free internet access to cellphone users in under-served countries, including Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya.扎克伯格还大力实行他的“Free Basics”计划,这计划目的为服务欠发达的国家如赞比亚、坦桑尼亚和肯尼亚等的手机用户获取免费互联网终端。